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Your best ally in international food solutions

OPOS Group

Committed to providing quality proteins and products from HORECA to shelf-ready goods

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Our Services

It's all about food!
Food Knolling



We represent a variety of brands and we become their partners in production and distribution. We specialize in shelf-ready products, Private Labels creation and FMCG, through our global distribution network 



We are a trusted supplier of raw materials destined to production, for human consumption or Category 3. We supply several producers with custom-made solutions, which ensure a flawless and quality-oriented production



We help producers to establish, protect and scale brands in the European and Global market. We create materials and custom-made solutions that lead to exponential growth and development opportunities

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Fantastic to meet you!

Our division is the Polish part of the group of companies OPOS, with more than 24 years of
experience in trading of animal proteins all over the world
OPOS Group provides solutions in business expansion worldwide by opening international
routes of export for Eastern European, and Ukrainian producers particularly.
We supply products, handling production by ourselves or consulting our Partners to scale
operations in EU countries. We are specializing in FMCG and animal proteins.
We put our clients and suppliers first, being there with them in every single step of the way.
If you're looking for the best service and the best solutions, search no more: OPOS Group
is ready to help you scale your business!


Contact us

OPOS Group Sp. z o.o.

Your Trusted Partner in Food Solutions

Przeskok 2,

00-032 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 57 1068 191


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